The Best Feeling in the World

“We’re so lucky,” I said to my husband Andy after dinner, as we settled into an evening on the couch together.  “We’ve got a good life.”

“Yes,” he nodded, not taking his eyes off the computer, immersed in his year- long love affair with “We do.”

“We need to take these peaceful moments and realize how lucky we are.”

“You’re right.”

“Because you never know when things can get bad again.”

“Uh huh.”

“No really.  Something awful could happen at any moment.  Another family crisis.  One of us could fall out of love.  The house could burn down. Everything could fall apart. Maybe even tomorrow.”

Andy looked over at me.  “Or, things could be great.”

“They could, but they could also be bad.”

“Or they could be great.”

“Or it could be horrible!” I was getting annoyed.  Andy obviously did NOT get the seriousness of this discussion.

“Things could just be fine and good,” Andy said, clicking away at his keyboard.

I raised the pitch of my voice.  “But we have to be prepared for the bad times.”

Andy sighed, and turned to face me, clearly gearing himself up for an, “I don’t know what’s happening here, but I better pay attention” moment.

I took a deep breath and felt myself begin morphing into a three-year-old dive towards a full-blown temper tantrum. How could Andy not understand the insightful, significant, and most importantly, RIGHTNESS of my worries? Life is UNPREDICTABLE!

“This is ridiculous,” I said in a tight voice, struggling to keep my demonic inner toddler quiet. I was a grown up after all. “This is about to be the stupidest fight we’ve ever had.”

“Yes, it is,” Andy agreed, looking wary at my abrupt turn-around.

“But do you get where I’m coming from?” I said, losing some ground in my attempt at maturity as my both my hands became tight fists. I REALLY didn’t want to let go of this opportunity for a righteous rant.

Thankfully, instead of continuing up the ramp of disaster, a thread of sanity appeared and I managed to squeak out a choked, crooked giggle. It worked. My giggle turned into a long, deliciously painful, belly laugh, and every time I looked at Andy’s confused face, I howled louder. I’m not sure he ever really got what had happened with me.

But I did.

Yes.  The best feeling in the world is all around me.  When I choose to see it.





  1. Julie

    I try to pull the toddler thing with the cats and my son; never goes well. I’m glad you and Andy worked it out.

  2. Deborah Manigault

    “The best feeling in the world is all around me. When I choose to see it.” Amen to that! One theory in the current book I’m reading, Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, is that we really do create our own realities through our visualization, thoughts, and feelings and that perhaps discovering something is exactly the same thing as creating it. Actually, that has been a recurring theme in many books I’ve read and movies/tv programs I’ve watched lately.

    1. joanlang Post author

      Very true!!!! (However, if you read my piece on affirmations, you’ll see I have a couple of issues with it too!)


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