Creative Impulses



“I have to create. I have to dig the earth. I have to make something grow. I have to bake something. I have to write something. I have to sing something. I have to put something out. It’s not a need to prove anything. It’s just my way of life.”  Bette Midler

I believe that finding our own individual source of creativity is an incredibly important part of  living a satisfying life-especially for those of us struggling with a chronic illness.

There are days where writing and playing music are the only threads that keeps me sane.  For me, it’s a kind of fulfillment that’s stronger than any kind of physical or emotional distress.

I also believe that creativity comes in an infinite number of surprising ways. It certainly doesn’t have to be limited to a traditional “art” form.  It can be as simple as a new thought that moves you to look at life in a different way. I hope to provide inspiration and ideas to help you on your own creative journey, whether it’s as a writer, artist, knitter, model airplane builder, or just dreamer. We can use our creativity to explore our deeper selves or to just throw fairy dust into the air and see it sparkle in the sunlight.