Joan’s music


Writing, producing, and recording CD’s involves a wonderful, wild mix of beyond-mountain highs and the most desperate of low’s. I LOVE getting into the studio and discovering how to connect to the deepest meanings of my songs. I LOVE getting immersed into the picky details of recording and mixing. I LOVE co-creating music with incredible and generous musicians.

Managing my emotional and physical health during the recording process, however, has always been a  challenge. (Throw in the pressure of $80 -$200 plus an hour recording sessions, my sometimes debilitating inner-judge-singer-neurosis, too many hours in the studio without a break, and yes, occasional meltdowns by (mostly) me, and you get a tiny idea of the crazy train that rides through each recording process.)

But without a doubt, the excitement and joy of creating my own music far outweighs the               difficulties, and like giving birth, when I finally get to hold that CD in my hand, the stress and pain melt away like they were never there. I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve had so much support from friends and family in order to let my creative wings fly.

jewelberry tree coverMy first CD, “UNDER THE JEWELBERRY TREE”  was written for children and recorded in 2000.  I had so much fun creating such a high energy CD! I also performed           children’s concerts for several years. Talk about wild. I didn’t need to pay my dues by playing the bar scene. There is nothing more chaotic than 50 kids under the age of four crammed into one space. Some are entranced with everything you do,  dancing and squealing with joy. During a 45 minutes show, there is at LEAST one kid fully committed to having a “Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day” and wailing at the top of their lungs. One time a child climbed on my wobbly speaker and nearly toppled off before his mother came to his rescue. Craziness galore. Still, there’s nothing quite like a three year-old staring up at you from one foot away, with a huge smile, wide eyes, and total adoration.

under jewelberry cover


I followed that project with a lullaby CD called “UNDER THE JEWELBERRY MOON“. (I think you can see why…) This CD starts off with a song called “I’m Not Tired,” about a kid who will not go to sleep and is jumping like a wild animal on his bed. By the end of the song, he drifts off into slumberland. The rest of the CD gets slower and more soothing with each song until the last track is          actually completely quiet. (So if it’s in a CD player it won’t automatically go to a song that will wake your child up again.)

dancing in the kitchen cover copy

“DANCING IN THE KITCHEN” is my third CD, and possibly my favorite to date. I’m very proud of the music and musicianship from everyone involved.  This project was commissioned and co-produced by Melanie Potock            (MyMunchBug). Melanie is a speech pathologist that specializes in working with children who have eating issues. Melanie lectures nationwide and has several books. I highly recommend checking Melanie’s website out if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s eating habits. She heard “UNDER the JEWELBERRY TREE” playing at my sister’s house when she came for an appointment to work with my nephew.  Melanie contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in writing a children’s CD about food. That was an easy YES!!!!   She wanted to create a fun musical adventure for children and their families. Each song is about a silly, wonderful aspect of food.  One of my favorite songs is called “Peas Operetta”, about a boy who refuses to eat peas. It’s a melodrama and I asked two opera friends to sing the mother and father parts. My nephew sang the kid.



CHOOSING JUNE is my first adult singer-songwriter CD, recorded in 2009, and written and produced with Julia Knearl.   We performed mostly original songs about love, loss, and inspiration, with intricate melodies and tightly woven harmonies. We were so fortunate to have the best (and absolute nicest!) musicians to support us in this project. In fact, these incredibly talented,monster- musicians, loved playing together on our CD so much that they went on to form their own band, Purple Squirrel.


Living Easy CD cover


DSC_3536_2When my husband  Andy and I met 10 years ago, we played and wrote very different styles of music. He focused on storytelling with a blues, bluegrass influence, while my style was more inner angst with a pop/folk twist. After several very intentional years of NOT playing together, we finally started our own band. Our styles have naturally blended over the years, and we recorded recorded a six song EP called LIVING EASY.

We are now excited to be working on our second CD of original songs and hope to have it available by late spring!