• Life and Wellness Coaching:  


I am a certified Co-Active Coach, trained at the Coaches Training Institute. Developed in the early 90’s, CTI has grown to offer in-depth trainings around the world. Learning the importance of being curious is one of CTI’s most effective tools to bring about deep change and transformation.

I moved thirteen times by the time I graduated college. I’ve lived in New England, Texas, Washington State, Japan, Wales, and finally Colorado. Though difficult at times, moving so often taught me to be curious, stay open to different values, and develop empathy for people who seemed different from me. In college I majored in Anthropology which continued to deeepen my skills of observation and curiosity.

As an adult, my work has ranged from holistic bodyworker, to songwriter, to music teacher, and prose writer. Each job demands being a detective of sorts. What makes a person become ill? What can I do to help? How can I inspire a shy singer to stand on stage and sing with confidence? How can I support a student’s passionate self-expression, when they hardly know it’s missing? What is the best way to release physical and emotional blocks keeping students from reaching that elusive high note? How do you find the perfect word or turn of phrase to take a song to the next level? What do I need to do in order to deepen my craft as a singer and writer?

CURIOSITY WORKS, stands on thirty years of uncovering the deepest held beliefs of my students and clients. Asking questions, and finding unexpected answers, often lead to a greater sense of freedom, empowerment, change and transformation.



  • Voice lessons, and A Cappella groups for Women: If you love to sing, want to learn and be part of a great community of women, and yes, even perform a little, these classes are for you!
  • Holistic Bodywork: My technique ranges from deep tissue massage to energy balancing and Reiki.